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Forced Into Diapers I
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Sunny and Mommy Wendy Scenes: Scene 01- Adult schoolgirl Sunny comes home with wet panties. Mommy Wendy scolds, spanks and diapers a protesting and struggling Sunny. * Scene 02 – Adult toddler Sunny wakes in bed having wet her panties. Mommy Wendy puts her on the potty then back on top of the bed. She forcibly diapers her then puts on a maternity bra to breast feed Sunny. Then Wendy takes some photos to embarrass Sunny later. * Scene 03 – Adult toddler Sunny has wet her panties so she walks into mommy Wendy’s bedroom to wake her mommy and tell her the distressing news. Wendy scolds and diapers her. Sunny wants breakfast but Wendy says babies have to be breast fed which is what she does.
Peter, Kaylee and Wendy Scene: Scene 01 – Kaylee and Wendy are two diaper lovers who want to have diaper fun together but rude Peter won’t leave his beer and the TV and move out of the room. So the girls undress and diaper each other in front of Peter who laughs and teases them. They whisper together and decide Peter needs to be taught a lesson so they drag him onto the floor, strip off his clothes and force a diaper with plastic pants onto the struggling Peter. Peter still seems too attached to his beer so they complete babying him by taking away the beer bottle and forcing him to be breast fed by both of the girls in turn.
Rose and Mommy Kate Scenes: Scene 01 – Mommy Kate has had enough of adult toddler Rose wetting her panties so she spanks Rose. Rose struggles and protests as Kate manages to get a disposable diaper onto her. Then it’s corner time for Rose. * Scene 02 – Adult schoolgirl Rose has wet panties – again – so mommy Kate forces Rose into a cloth diaper and plastic pants and then a pink bunnysuit just like a baby and put to bed.
Sarah and Mommy Maria Scenes Scene 01 – Adult schoolgirl Sarah arrives home sheepishly with saturated panties. Mommy Maria scolds and spanks her. She puts Sarah on her old potty then works against a struggling Sarah to diaper her and dress her in her old baby clothes. The final touch is to push a pacifier into Sarah’s mouth. * Scene 02 – Mommy Maria sees adult toddler Sarah in her bedroom with wet panties. She forcibly diapers Sarah in a cloth diaper then puts a bib on her and feeds her a baby bottle.

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