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It begins with Sarah waking up in bed as an Adult baby and she is totally in the baby role. She calls for her mommy and Wendy comes in, changes her out of a disposable diaper into a cloth one, dresses her, fixes her hair and takes her to breakfast. She spoon feeds her and gives her a baby bottle. After breakfast it is upstairs for a bubble bath and fun time in the tub. All clean, it is back into the bedroom where Wendy teaches baby Sarah how to put on a diaper by putting one on herself, then she finishes dressing Sarah in a onsie. Next it’s into the living room where Wendy sits on the couch, puts Sarah in her lap and proceeds to breast feed her. I have to say at this point, it is the most convincing breast feeding of an adult baby I have ever seen! Sarah doesn’t just suck on the breast, she suckles it as if she is a real baby and is actually being fed. How I wish I were Sarah! Wendy then takes Sarah out to the pool where she removes her diaper and allows her to play in the shallow end. Sarah plays and has fun in the pool with her floating horsy. Wendy takes her out and rediapers her beside the pool. The Video then cuts to the end of the day when Wendy takes Sarah back to her bed where she gives her one more breast feeding, tucks her in and reads her a bedtime story. Beautiful Baby Sarah falls asleep sucking her pacifier to end the day and the video. All in all, it is the best Adult Baby Video I have seen. Sarah is the ideal Adult Baby. She is completely in character as a toddler and stays in that character through out the video. You never get the impression that she is “acting”. Wendy is the perfect “Mommy” and never shows any indication that she is dealing with an adult. She treats Sarah in a loving and gentle manner at all times. It is every Adult Babies dream of spending a day as a baby with a wonderful mother!

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