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Forced Into Diapers I
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Sunny and Mommy Wendy Scenes: Scene 01- Adult schoolgirl Sunny comes home with wet panties. Mommy Wendy scolds, spanks and diapers a protesting and struggling Sunny. * Scene 02 – Adult toddler Sunny wakes in bed having wet her panties. Mommy Wendy puts her on the potty then back on top of the bed. She forcibly diapers her then puts on a maternity bra to breast feed Sunny. Then Wendy takes some photos to embarrass Sunny later. * Scene 03 – Adult toddler Sunny has wet her panties so she walks into mommy Wendy’s bedroom to wake her mommy and tell her the distressing news. Wendy scolds and diapers her. Sunny wants breakfast but Wendy says babies have to be breast fed which is what she does.
Peter, Kaylee and Wendy Scene: Scene 01 – Kaylee and Wendy are two diaper lovers who want to have diaper fun together but rude Peter won’t leave his beer and the TV and move out of the room. So the girls undress and diaper each other in front of Peter who laughs and teases them. They whisper together and decide Peter needs to be taught a lesson so they drag him onto the floor, strip off his clothes and force a diaper with plastic pants onto the struggling Peter. Peter still seems too attached to his beer so they complete babying him by taking away the beer bottle and forcing him to be breast fed by both of the girls in turn.
Rose and Mommy Kate Scenes: Scene 01 – Mommy Kate has had enough of adult toddler Rose wetting her panties so she spanks Rose. Rose struggles and protests as Kate manages to get a disposable diaper onto her. Then it’s corner time for Rose. * Scene 02 – Adult schoolgirl Rose has wet panties – again – so mommy Kate forces Rose into a cloth diaper and plastic pants and then a pink bunnysuit just like a baby and put to bed.
Sarah and Mommy Maria Scenes Scene 01 – Adult schoolgirl Sarah arrives home sheepishly with saturated panties. Mommy Maria scolds and spanks her. She puts Sarah on her old potty then works against a struggling Sarah to diaper her and dress her in her old baby clothes. The final touch is to push a pacifier into Sarah’s mouth. * Scene 02 – Mommy Maria sees adult toddler Sarah in her bedroom with wet panties. She forcibly diapers Sarah in a cloth diaper then puts a bib on her and feeds her a baby bottle.

Age Play (Power Exchange Books)
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Age play is a form of role play enjoyed by many adults worldwide. Age play never involves biological children and is a role play for consenting adults only. As you will read in this issue, there is no “one way” to live out the role one chooses. We have collected a gallery of age players from across the country who cover a wide scope of different orientations and personalities. Each of the authors showcased in this edition will share their story and style with you. It is our desire that those looking for a place to begin their age play journey will find a path of direction that will help them move forward. For those who have started your path, may you gather fresh ideas and outlooks to add to and enhance your age play. Join us as we share our heartfelt joys, heartbreaking sorrows, moments of personal enlightenment, and just plain fun moments through the articles that follow.

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Adult Baby VideoForced Into Diapers II:
“Aunty’s Prisoner”
“Felicity, Rose and Mommy Wendy”

Two movies for the price of one!21 year old Sarah is in town to stay with her aunt Amina for a couple of days. We pick up on the story as she walks from the bus stop with her overnight bag to her aunty’s house. Amina greets her at the door and welcomes her niece. Amina plans on Sarah staying for a lot longer than two days because she has schemed, to the finest detail, on making Sarah the baby girl she has always wanted. She shows a horrified Sarah the fully fitted out nursery where she will be forced to stay for the years to come. She locks the bathroom door so that Sarah cannot go to the toilet and explains she will have to wear diapers. Sarah is mortified as her aunty pins a diaper on her, undresses her and puts her in some of the many baby clothes she has.

Sarah is locked in the nursery. She asks Amina for a drink and her aunty obliges by breast feeding her. Then Sarah finds she has wet her diaper. Aunty Amina has been looking forward to this moment for years so she relishes changing Sarah’a diaper. She then lifts Sarah into the high chair and feeds her Sarah baby food for dinner. Amina mixes formula for a bottle and puts a very scared Sarah to early to bed. As Sarah slowly drops off to sleep we see she starts to suck her thumb in her sleep. The regression process has commenced…

Calling all AB/DL diaper fetish lovers! Janessa peed her panties & her “daddy” finds out and is disappointed in her.

He takes off her pissy panties and puts on a nice thick adult disposable diaper. If she acts like a baby then Janessa will be treated like the big baby she is!

The Toybag Guide to Age Play The Toybag Guide to Age Play
By Lee Harrington

The adult baby, the sassy schoolgirl, the bratty teen – all hold an honored place in the erotic roleplaying imagination of many adults. International educator Lee Bridgett Harrington, an ageplay devotee of many years’ experience, explains the boundaries, possibilities and techniques of consensual adult ageplay.

“The first non-fiction book written on age play. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. The latest in Greenery Press’ Toybag series, which presents topics in a concise approachable fashion. Lee Harrington writes in a witty conversational style that will answer many of your questions about age play. A great book for those interested in age play and those who’ve found themselves having to explain to others what it is we do.”
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Punished By Mommy

When you were younger, life was simple. Mommy fed, bathed and nurtured you. But as you got older she also punished you. She put you over her knee and spanked you. She called you a bad boy. She made you sit in the corner. Well, now you’re all grown up. But admit it, you’re still a bad boy! You need to be punished. These horny MILFs are ready to put you in your place. You want to act up? They’ll punish your ass. They’ll spank and powder your ass. Oh, and they also have an 9-inch strap-on friend to make sure you learn your lessons! You’ll be crying in no time!
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Punished By Mommy 2

Peyton Leigh came home one afternoon from a hard day at the office and discovered that instead of paying the rent, her guy Christian spent the money on toy action figures. Before you could say goo-goo, kiss-kiss, Peyton had him in diapers, sucking a baby bottle and begging for mercy. Peyton’s ingenious plan of attack inspired many of her friends, like Melissa Monet, to turn the tables on their freeloading boyfriends and deal with them in a similar fashion. Consequently, the action figure market bottomed out. And so did many a virile man that fateful day.
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It begins with Sarah waking up in bed as an Adult baby and she is totally in the baby role. She calls for her mommy and Wendy comes in, changes her out of a disposable diaper into a cloth one, dresses her, fixes her hair and takes her to breakfast. She spoon feeds her and gives her a baby bottle. After breakfast it is upstairs for a bubble bath and fun time in the tub. All clean, it is back into the bedroom where Wendy teaches baby Sarah how to put on a diaper by putting one on herself, then she finishes dressing Sarah in a onsie. Next it’s into the living room where Wendy sits on the couch, puts Sarah in her lap and proceeds to breast feed her. I have to say at this point, it is the most convincing breast feeding of an adult baby I have ever seen! Sarah doesn’t just suck on the breast, she suckles it as if she is a real baby and is actually being fed. How I wish I were Sarah! Wendy then takes Sarah out to the pool where she removes her diaper and allows her to play in the shallow end. Sarah plays and has fun in the pool with her floating horsy. Wendy takes her out and rediapers her beside the pool. The Video then cuts to the end of the day when Wendy takes Sarah back to her bed where she gives her one more breast feeding, tucks her in and reads her a bedtime story. Beautiful Baby Sarah falls asleep sucking her pacifier to end the day and the video. All in all, it is the best Adult Baby Video I have seen. Sarah is the ideal Adult Baby. She is completely in character as a toddler and stays in that character through out the video. You never get the impression that she is “acting”. Wendy is the perfect “Mommy” and never shows any indication that she is dealing with an adult. She treats Sarah in a loving and gentle manner at all times. It is every Adult Babies dream of spending a day as a baby with a wonderful mother!